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The All- Access Niche Investor bundle Gives You instant, lifetime access to ALL of these programs ($9,030 in value!)

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Regular Price $1997

Niche Investor Retreat


With an All-Access bundle ticket, you’re getting lifetime access to all of the mentor sessions so you can watch on-demand, whenever you want! (Details below!)

Niche Site Sellers intro kit BUNDLE

Regular Price $197




Discover the BIG essentials you must know, to sell your niche site. Includes bonus profit idea bank of 100 ways to monetize your site, too!

Regular Price $97

Caroline Vencil

Sales Pages That Work

Love making products but actually making Leadpages makes your cringe? Get the easy button with 3 plug-and-play Leadpage templates to help you create a sales page that converts to buyers, subscribers, and more money in your bank. PLUS, as a bonus, I’ve included a video of the how and WHY when it comes to sales page creation to allow you to see the process from start to finish. Don’t try to figure it all out on your own. Use templates that have grown my email list to 40,000+ & the same templates that have given me multiple 5-figure launches.

Regular Price $197

Tara Reid

Entrepreneur Templates 12-Month Membership


Entrepreneur Templates includes a library of over 1,300 Canva templates for female entrepreneurs who are struggling with creating graphic assets and social media content for their business.

Site Gap Analysis

Regular Price $97


Site Gap Analysis

Site Gap Analysis helps you figure out what to work on and how to prioritize to get the best ROI.

due diligence on an aged domains

Regular Price $49

Niche Website Builders

9 Steps For Conducting Due Diligence On Aged Domains

Using an aged domain to start building a niche or authority site is an increasingly commonly used strategy. But before you purchase an aged domain, it is important to conduct due diligence. Learn the approach that Niche Website Builders use to conduct due diligence on an aged domain.

Regular Price $27

Dale Persons

Niche Selection Secrets

Niche Selection Secrets is your ultimate guide to choosing a profitable niche for your blog. You’ll learn the exact steps you can take to brainstorm, research, and validate profitable niches.

email marketing course

Regular Price $497


Email Marketing Strategy Solution

A complete system to grow and monetize your list of super fans. No sleazy sales tactics in sight. Plus email templates so you always know what to say.

Regular Price $249

Jessie Festa

How To Work With Brands (& Make Money)

Everything you need to know about getting the attention of brands + landing (and rocking!) paying partnerships and press trips.



Regular Price $297

Erika Kullberg

Trademarks 101

As a business owner, it’s important to understand how to protect your brand. In this Trademarks 101 course, award-winning attorney and founder of Plug and Law Erika Kullberg will walk you through the basics of Trademarks so you can feel confident about protecting your intellectual property.

freelance contract

Regular Price $100

Amira Irfan

Freelance Contract Template


Whether you hire freelancers or you are a freelancer yourself, The Freelance Contract template (also known as the Independent Contractor Agreement) includes everything you need to avoid lawsuits and sleep peacefully at night, knowing your online business is protected legally. PLUS get $550 in 3 special bonuses!

Disclaimers Templates - Lucrezia Iapichino

Regular Price $67

Lucrezia Iapichino

Disclaimers TemplatE

Professionally crafted by an international lawyer and specifically designed for bloggers and website owners, these plug-and-play templates will fully disclaim your liability and give you peace of mind. Bonus niche specific disclaimers included. Fill in the blank and get legally protected in less than 5 minutes.

Regular Price $37

Desola Davis

The Digital Customer Journey

Turn strangers into fans with a strategic product suite!
Sales is so much more than a transaction. It’s a relationship you develop with your customer based on solutions you have to their problems.

Find out how to design a clear and profitable customer journey and a delightful sales experience that turns your one time customers into repeat buyers who can’t wait to spend more money and time with you!

This training will help you position all your products in the right order so that you know exactly which products to present to your prospects at any time and at any stage of the customer journey.

affiliate disclosure liz stepleton

Regular Price $79

Liz Stapleton

Affiliate Terms & Conditions Template

If you monetize your niche site and business with an affiliate team of ambassadors, then you need them to agree to your affiliate program terms & conditions. This template includes everything you need.

Regular Price $57

Ana Skyes

Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Bundle

The Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle is a collection of resources & tutorials that you can use to create a winning affiliate marketing strategy for your blog that will bring you REAL RESULTS. If you’re a blogger in your first year of business, who hasn’t earned their first $1,000 blogging – this training is for you!

Regular Price $97

Anjali kAY

Confident Content Creation

Confident Content Creation is a course designed to help you take back control of your blog content, rebuild shaky foundations, set structures and procedures in place, lose the overwhelm of idea generation, and overall totally crush your content creation.

Regular Price $247

Gillian Kyriakidis

Creating a Printables Business from scratch

How to create a printable business using no paid software, no design skills, and no paid assets. All in only 2 hours!

Regular Price $197

Clarissa Wilson

Accounting & Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and being frustrated and stressed with the accounting, bookkeeping and tax portion of your business. It’s time that you fully understood the whole thing, in plain English, not accountant speak. Then you can also use your numbers to help grow your business even more.

Regular Price $297

Mara Woosley

Advanced B2B Lead Generation


A course to help you train your VAs to find and land quality leads for your business.

Pinterest library

Regular Price $500

Kristy Caudill

The Pinterest Library

Grab the Pinterest Library today for everything you need to manage your own Pinterest account. Stop running on the hamster wheel trying to figure out everything you need when it comes to Pinterest. Inside The Pinterest Library, you will find over $500 worth of resources in one place.

Regular Price $97

Sadie Smiley

Lightning Fast Content Creation

Learn how to crank content out in half the time with Sadie’s strategies.


Bundle Total Value = $9,030.00 

Your Price right now = $297



Regular Price $99

Salem King

The Community Building Toolkit

This toolkit contains three resources (180 pages combined) that will teach you:

1. How to build an audience that will become an engaged community

2. How to build and retain trust with your audience and monetize your community.

3.How to find your Instagram cash cow

Regular Price $97

Christie Love Etter

The Website Branding Blueprint

The Website Branding Blueprint is a step-by-step planning system for entrepreneurs needing a website FASTER by creating your content FIRST, while framing up your pages and design LAST, all without ever spending thousands on a website designer!

Habit Builder Toolkit

Regular Price $77


Habit Builder Toolkit

If you’ve found it hard to consistently perform and form a habit before – this kit is perfect for you. This guide will help you create good habits you can implement and follow through.

Regular Price $297

Mompreneur Money

How To Create & Sell Your Course

The complete course creator blueprint! Learn how to validate your course ideas, outline your course before production, best practice strategies for recording your course, and smart pricing strategies for your course. Plus discover how to edit your course videos like a pro – and more!

Regular Price $97

Faith Mariah

Think Like A Boss

A 6-part workshop designed to help you uplevel your mindset so you can stop making decisions like a hobby blogger and start making decisions like a money-making boss.

Regular Price $100

Cousett Hoover

Life After Blog Setup


Learn the ins-and-outs of everyday maintenance for your blog. This course will teach you how to efficiently take care of all of these things and eliminate many many headaches down the line.

You found the theme you love, content is being created, and shared, and you are starting to get traffic! Yea! Your blog is born! Now comes the hard part raising that blog into an amazing thing. With that comes maintenance, security, features, conflicts, and all kinds of stuff that technology can throw our way! WordPress is powerful and powers more than a third of the web, but it is also a target for mischievousness, especially as things develop. Learn the ins-and-outs of everyday maintenance for your blog. From performing security updates (the right way to make sure the site doesn’t crash), managing speed issues, and plugin conflicts. Just like a child, a blog requires a lot of love and support to continue to grow and expand. 

Regular Price $137

Michele Thymmons

Tailwind for Pinterest

Learn how to set up, optimize, and utilize Tailwind to help you accomplish your goals with your business.

Regular Price $127

Cecilie Aslaksen

CPC Template Hub™

The CPC Template Hub™ is a vault of Done-For-You templates you can use in your business, to impress both existing and potential clients and customers. Use words and images to build and grow your business.

Regular Price $197

Cat Griffin

Winning with Instagram Stories

The Winning with Instagram Stories pack is everything you need in order to create engaging stories that build authority and trust with your audience. Including templates, video prompts and a comprehensive Masterclass in how to effectively use stories you will be selling in your Instagram stories in no time at all.

Regular Price $147

Jolene Stahn

Debt Decluttered

If you’re ready to declutter your debt for good, this course was made for you! After going through the course, you’ll gain clarity surrounding your debt, how much you have and where, and have a strategic plan to pay it off. You’ll develop a good money mindset despite the vast amount of debt you may be dealing with (aka, we’re not letting it stress you out – that’s the last thing we want!), and then developing a strategic plan to pay it off! And all in alignment with your lifestyle!

Regular Price $97

Tara Giles

SEO Secrets for Success

Go from feeling stuck in your SEO Strategy, to finally getting more clicks through to your website. I’m giving you my best tips and strategies to boost Search Engine Optimization! If you already have a basic understanding of keywords, and are looking for new strategies to implement, this course is for you!

Regular Price $99

Frances Vidakovic

Boost Your Traffic

50 Strategic Steps To Boost Traffic To Your Website and Make It A Success

Regular Price $99

Hedy Zhou

Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit

Want to run a successful online challenge but overwhelmed by where and how to start? This kit has you covered, taking you through the ins and outs of coming up with a topic, and then packaging it into a full-blown challenge that will drive up your business’s leads and skyrocket your growth. It shares the exact methods Hedy has used to run multiple successful challenges, covering everything you need to think of as you plan the contents and execution of YOUR next challenge.

Regular Price $597



Stop letting your lack of WordPress prowess block you from getting ahead in your business. I’m giving you the keys to unlock total WP boss status in yourself.

Janice Dru-Bennett social shift lift system

Regular Price $530

Janice Dru-Bennett

social shift lift system


Social lifters are higher level executives, solo entrepreneurs, and leaders at startups, growing companies, or nonprofit organizations. You’ve made a difference in your work and simply want to make more of an impact by improving your social presence and shifting your brand and visibility to the next level. Follow the steps in the Social Shift Lift System to GROW your social CIRCLE to achieve MORE.

🎉 Plus All Of Theses Bonuses 🎉


15% More Content

Niche Website Builders

Content + LINK Services

Get 15% more content on all content and Done-For-You website orders including FAQ Content and Affiliate Content. Also, get a 15% discount on all links orders including  shotgun skyscraper, link packs, niche edits and guest posts.


Regular Price $25



When you are ready to list your site for sale, apply to list at and if your site application is approved, the $25 listing fee will be waived.

Free Credits!



A simple keyword discovery tool built for publishers. Discover keywords that forums, user-generated sites and other low-hanging fruit are ranking in SERPS with, so you can out rank them.


Niche Investor Summit Speaker Line-Up


Chelsea Clarke

HerPaperRoute +

Get on the digital property ladder with micro-investing in underdeveloped niche sites! Discover what to look for to uncover quality content sites that haven’t been utilized to their full potential, and put Chelsea’s 5-step Paper Route Profit Model™ framework into action to make your newly acquired niche site profitable – fast.

Chelsea Clarke is a Content Monetization Strategist, website investor, business consultant and the founder of entrepreneurship blog, podcast and school HerPaperRoute™. Chelsea founded the marketplace, where she helps investors and content creators buy and sell niche online businesses, blogs and media properties.

Mushfiq Sarker

The Website Flip

What to look for – and look out for when buying niche sites. Plus, how to resell it faster, by having a site operator to do the work of building and monetizing it for you. 

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling website assets since 2008. His first exit was in 2010. Since then, he has done 175 website flips with multiple 6-figure exits.


Jaryd Krause

Buying Online Businesses

Discover how to conduct proper website due diligence on properties you want to buy – so that you can make informed investment decisions. 

Jaryd Krause used to be a plumber working 60+ hours per week and hated it. Fast forward to today and he now owns multiple online businesses himself and many of his clients earn thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month from their business they bought working with Jaryd. His Buying Online Businesses Podcast is rated in the top 3 best passive income podcasts online.


Mark Mars

Niche Website Builders

Discover why aged domains give you the ultimate jumpstart. In this session, Mark reveals what to look out for when picking an aged domain, and what kind of results can you expect. 

Mark Mars is a co-founder of Niche Website Builders – a digital agency run by content marketers, for content marketers. The company helps clients with content, links and building websites from scratch (including on expired domains). Mark has been involved in affiliate marketing for a number of years and also runs his own 6 figure portfolio.

Doug Cunnington

Niche Site Project

Doug takes you on a journey to augment and improve existing content using the Keyword Golden Ratio. You’ll learn how to find content gaps in your Search Console, and more. 


Doug Cunnington is a recovering IT Project Manager and spends his time thinking and talking about Internet Marketing, SEO, Financial Independence, and doing cool things outdoors. After 10 years in a corporate gig that ended in a layoff, he went out on his own to learn affiliate marketing and SEO. Doug has been featured all over the web, including CNBC, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Empire Flippers, Hubspot, and more. He’s been to all 50 States, enjoys homebrewing beer, and drinking it.


Brentney Parks

Total Fit Boss Chick

How to deal with the emotional roller coaster of selling your business, and mentally prepare yourself for the exit.  So that you can confidently move onto your next endeavor.

Brentney Parks helps busy entrepreneurs calm chaos & slay productivity while building a mindset to live with no regrets! She encourages overworked digital entrepreneurs to go from feeling stressed, frazzled, and overwhelmed to productive, focused, and free.


Adam Smith

Niche Website Builders

Uncover Adam’s unique approach to keyword and correlation research – it’s not as you know it!


Adam Smith is a co-founder of Niche Website Builders – a digital agency run by content marketers, for content marketers. The company helps clients with content, links and building websites from scratch (including on expired domains). 

jessie festa

Jessie Festa

Jessie On A Journey

Get a jumpstart on your site’s income by partnering with brands for sponsored blog content. In this session you’ll learn how to create a niche site that brands will want to partner with, how to pitch deals the RIGHT way, and unique ways to monetize those brand relationships for the longterm. 


Jessie Festa is the conscious/solo travel blogger behind Jessie on a Journey, sharing real-talk and resources for exploring the world, and experiencing life  #BeyondTheGuidebook. Jessie is also the founder of Travel Blog Prosperity, a membership community for bloggers who dream of turning travel into a profitable lifestyle, and she is the Editor-in-Chief of the online sustainable travel magazine, Epicure & Culture. When she’s not planning new adventures for herself and her community, Jessie is probably leading photo tours in NYC, in Tree Pose somewhere on a mountain peak, or on the beach reading a true crime story.

branden yamada

Branden Yamada


Join this digital fireside with Branden to get a peek behind the curtain of what it’s like to buy million-dollar eCommerce brands. Plus, Branden reveals a smart way for investors to make 7/8 figure purchases, regardless of whether or not you have 7/8 figures in your bank account. 


Branden specializes in 7/8 figure acquisitions in the eCommerce niche. He buys online businesses that operate on the Shopify, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce platforms.


Ben Adler

Keyword Chef

Ben reveals his formula for performing keyword research and competitor analysis when growing affiliate niche sites. 

Ben is the founder of, a keyword research tool build specifically for bloggers. Ben also runs the Affiliate Niche Builders facebook group and a few of his own niche websites. He has a background in programming and has been building niche sites since 2015.


Emilia Gardner

Fall Forward Podcast

Emilia shares important discoveries she has learned over the years while buying, building and operating a portfolio of niche sites. 


Emilia Gardner owns and manages a portfolio of revenue producing niche websites, and publishes content on her Youtube channel and podcast for folks who are interested in doing the same.


Desola Davis

Often when you buy a niche site, it comes with an audience of email subscribers and social followers. Desola shows us how to re-engage your new audience following the acquisition now that you are running the show. Plus,  discover what elements you need to build a product suite that turns your newly acquired audience into repeat buyers, while attracting new customers at the same time. 


Desola is a Customer Journey Designer who helps online entrepreneurs nail their product message, convert qualified leads, and grow a loyal raving fan base that is primed to repeatedly invest in working with them. With over 10 years of corporate experience running million dollar projects, and 5 years of experience as a sales and business development coach, she has a knack for bringing clarity and confidence to the sales process–a superpower that has helped her clients consistently 3x their sales conversion rates for their signature offers.

liz stapleton

Liz Stapleton


Liz Stapleton is a lawyer and blogger. A licensed attorney since 2012, and a blogger since 2014, she has spoken at both virtual and in-person conferences. She is the voice behind Less Debt, More Wine – a personal finance site, where she helps readers understand the legal side of blogging, and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit an annual virtual summit designed to help bloggers take back their time and start hitting their goals.

Cousett Hoover

Cousett Hoover

Cousett teaches creators how to maximize technology through tech coaching. With her help, you can maximize your business, live the lifestyle they want, and contribute something special with amazing technology.


blogs for sale summit

business insider

buying online businesses summit

blog flipping summit

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niche investor retreat empire flippers flippa niche website builders blogs for sale herpaperroute
The Niche Investor Bundle is curated and brought to you by Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute Inc.

Chelsea Clarke is a niche site investor, Business Intermediary, and the founder of HerPaperRoute™ a blog, podcast and community helping creators increase the value of their niche sites, so they can exit for top dollar.

A skilled content marketer herself, Chelsea is on a mission to help other niche site creators develop, scale and sell their niche sites in less time, and with less confusion.

Chelsea has sold 7 figures in small niche sites via her online business marketplace, and has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and Flippa.

Meet Your Host: Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea Clarke is a niche site investor, Business Intermediary, and the founder of HerPaperRoute™ a blog, podcast and community helping creators increase the value of their niche sites, so they can exit for top dollar.


chelsea clarke about herpaperroute

A skilled content marketer herself, Chelsea is on a mission to help other niche site creators develop, scale and sell their niche sites in less time, and with less confusion.

Chelsea has sold 7 figures in small niche sites via her online business marketplace, and has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and Flippa.

Chelsea shamelessly begged some of her most successful entrepreneur pals to allow one of their most-loved programs to be included inside this bundle…and is sharing this incredible wealth of knowledge, strategy, systems, and mentor support with you!

Creators Love Our Bundles! 

website investing virtual summit that grows your list website investing virtual summit that grows your list website investing virtual summit that grows your list niche investor virtual summit grow blogs niche investor virtual summit grow blogs
website investing virtual summit that grows your list niche investor summit buying selling online businesses blog flipping summit events niche investing virtual summit buy sell websites
niche investor retreat virtual summit buying selling online businesses events niche investor retreat virtual summit buying selling online businesses events ultimate guide how to host an online summit


Bundle Total Value = $9,030.00 

Your Price right now = $297



bundle love_1

bundle love_2

best business bundle

best business bundle

bundle love_3

bundle customers

bundle worth it

bundle love


The Niche Investor Bundle is available for purchase from November 26 – December 1 2021.

When you purchase, you will be given enrollment codes to each of the programs inside, which give you lifetime access to each program. You just need use the coupon code to enroll in each of them before December 31 2021. 

After August 6th, no one will be able to buy the bundle itself. 

We know! It is a crazy amount of value for such a low price. But yes it’s 100% for real. The way it’s possible is because we only sell the bundle for one week. 

This flash deal allows you to score a huge discount, and it allows the contributors in the bundle to reach an all new audience. After the sale week ends, each product goes back to being sold individually at full price. 

There’s no catch, aside from the fact that if you don’t buy it during the sale week, you miss out!

Yes, you get lifetime access to each program in the bundle once you enroll in each course. Just make sure that you enroll in each course before December 31 2021.


This sale is a one-time only flash sale, and it really does end on December 1 at 11:59pm EST. Each of the contributors have signed an agreement to allow HerPaperRoute to sell the bundle with their premium products inside, for a specific timeframe.  It wouldn’t be fair if we let this deal go on forever, so it really is a limited time sale, and when it’s over, it’s over.

Once you buy the bundle, an account will be automatically created for you at

Check your inbox, because you will receive an email within a few minutes that includes the link you need to access your bundle inside your account. You will be able to select a password the first time you log in.

Can’t find the email? Have no fear! You can also go can directly to and do a password reset, using the same email you used at checkout. Then once logged in you will see everything on your account.

If you already have a student account with HerPaperRoute, after you checkout, you can just log in and find the bundle in your list of enrolments. Easy-peasy, hey?!

If you have any trouble logging in at anytime, do a password reset on the login page.

If you experience any other issues, please contact support, and we will get in touch within 2 business days.

No! We will never share your email address with anyone. When you buy the Bundle, you will be given special access codes for each contributor’s product, and then YOU decide which ones you want to sign up to. Read our privacy policy. 

A ‘bundle’ is when you get access to a huge resource library of digital products, at a huge discount. The Niche Investor Bundle is a collection of eCourses, ebooks, and template products.

No, of course not. You can choose to use just the products that make sense for your business. And since you have lifetime access to each product, and they are all self-paced, you can take your time, and use the products on a schedule that works for you.

Yes. Chelsea Clarke (curator of the bundle) spent months personally vetting each contributor and their product for quality. Each product was hand selected for the Niche Investor Bundle, for its quality, and because it serves a specific purpose that can help a content creator get ahead.

Of course, everyone’s personal preferences will differ, you may love some of the products, you may not love others. Not every product will be exactly perfect for your specific needs, but you will find many inside that will be. Considering just one of the products in the bundle costs $400+ on its own, you only need to use one of the products in the bundle to make it more than worth your $97 investment.

Due to the digital nature of the products and services we offer, and the fact that the Bundle contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available. All sales are final. Please read all the details before you purchase and contact us if you have any questions.

All spots are filled for 2021. If you are interested in getting involved next year, let us know here.

In the meantime, you may wish to apply to join the affiliate team where you can earn money by promoting this year’s event!

Yes please! Apply to join the affiliate team where you can earn money by promoting this year’s event. 

Contact us here, and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

To Recap…

When you purchase your Niche Investor Bundle right now for just $97, you get ALL of this:

Niche Site Flipping Programs

  • Niche Investor Retreat (Summit Lifetime Access) – reg $1997
  • Niche Investor Retreat transcripts & Mp3s – $600 value
  • Niche Site Seller’s Intro Kit – HerPaperRoute – reg $197
  • Time Management For Niche Site Creators – reg $59
  • $0 Listing fees to sell your site at Blogs For Sale* – reg $25

*The site must meet quality & monetization requirements to be approved to sell in the BlogsForSale marketplace. Once requirements are met, the listing fee will be waived. 

  • 9 Steps For Conducting Due Diligence On Aged Domains – Niche Website Builders – reg $49

Content Marketing Programs

  • Entrepreneur Templates 12-Month Membership – Tara Reid – reg $247
  • Niche Selection Secrets – Dale Persons – reg $27
  • Lightning Fast Content Creation – Sadie Smiley – reg $97
  • Confident Content Creation – Anjali Kay – reg $97 
  • CPC Template Hub – Cecilie Aslaksen – reg $127
  • 15% more content on all content and Done-For-You website orders inc. FAQ Content and Affiliate Content at Niche Website Builders
  • 15% Discount on all links orders inc. shotgun skyscraper, link packs, niche edits and guest posts at Niche Website Builders

Monetization Programs

  • Zero To Superhero Affiliate Marketing Bundle  – Ana Skyes – reg $57 
  • Sales Pages That Work – Caroline Vencil- – reg $97
  • Think Like A Boss – Faith Mariah – reg $97 
  • Creating a Printables Business From Scratch – Gillian Kyriakidis – reg $247
  • Debt Decluttered – Jolene Stahn – reg $147
  • How To Create & Sell Your Course – Mompreneur Money –  reg $297
  • The Digital Customer Journey – Desola Davis – reg $37
  • How To Work With Brands (And Make Money) – Jessie Festa – reg $249

Accounting & Legal Programs

  • The Basics: Accounting & Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners – Clarissa Wilson – reg $197 
  • Freelance Contract Template – Amira Irfan – reg $100 
  • Disclaimers Templates –  Lucrezia Iapichino – reg $67
  • Affiliate Terms & Conditions Template – Liz Stapleton – reg $79
  • Trademarks 101 – Erika Kullberg – reg $297

Business Growth & Scaling Programs

  • Advanced B2B Lead Generation for Virtual Assistants – Mara Woosley – reg $297 
  • Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit – Hedy Zhou – reg $99 
  • The Community Building Toolkit – Salem King – reg $99 
  • Habit Builder Toolkit – Brentney Parks – reg $77

SEO & Pinterest Programs

  • The Pinterest Library – Kristy Caudill –  reg $500
  • SEO Secrets for Success – Tara Giles – reg $97 
  • Boost Your Traffic – Frances Vidakovic – reg $99 
  • Tailwind for Pinterest – Michele Thymmons – reg $137 
  • Keyword Chef SEO Tool  – Free credits
  • Site Gap Analysis – Doug Cunnington – reg $97

Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Programs

  • Email Marketing Strategy Solution – HerPaperRoute – reg $497
  • Social Shift Lift System – Janice Dru-Bennett – reg $530 
  • Winning with Instagram Stories – Cat Griffin- reg $197 

Website Management Programs

  • The Website Branding Blueprint – Christie Love Etter – $97 
  • Life After Blog Setup – Cousett Hoover – reg $100 
  • Wicked At WordPress – HerPaperRoute – reg $597
business bundle lifetime deal

 Bundle Total Value = $9,030.00 

Your Price right now = $297




Receive all the tools and training you need to move forward into the next phase of your success story




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