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The Blog Monetization Course

Monetize your blog in 7 different SMART ways at once. Even if your blog is brand new, with a teeny tiny following!

blog monetization course

This Blog Monetization Course Provides You With An Easy To Follow Blogging Roadmap, Saving You Years Of Trial And Error.

Learn the exact steps to monetize your blog. What to do, how and when with Chelsea Clarke of

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Discover exactly how to develop a profitable blog

If you are struggling to make money blogging, you are going to love this self-paced blog monetization course. I cover everything! From the initial website setup and branding of your blog, to affiliate marketing, social media strategies and more.

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What You Will Learn…



How To Monetize Your Blog 

Develop A 3 Month Blog Income Plan

The Top 7 Revenue Sources And How To Add Them To Your Blog

How To Develop A Passive Income Stream

Understanding And Implementing Affiliate Marketing

What The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs Are, And How To Join Them

How To Get Approved For Sponsorship & Affiliate Programs Every Time

How To Sell On Pinterest & Instagram

The Secrets To Growing Your Blog Income Every Single Month


DIY Design & Photography & Branding – How To Design Your Own Logo, Graphics & Pins (No Design Degree Needed!)

Media Kit Development




What Makes A Blog Successful And Profitable

How To Define Your Ideal Reader & Customer (And Where To Find Them!)

Hosting & Domain & WordPress Set Up

How To Use WordPress

The Keys To Copy That Sells

The Biggest & Most Costly Mistakes New Bloggers Make (You Won’t Make Them After This Course!)

Laws & Legalities Concerning Blogging, That You Need To Be Aware Of


Social Media Marketing, Content Schedule Development

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest Strategies

How To Increase Traffic, How To Use SEO To Your Advantage

My Pinterest Marketing Strategy That Has Grown Blogs To Huge Success

…& More!




Quit Screwin’ Around Trying To Make Sense Of Every Thing On Your Own



This course is for you if…

✅ You are inspired by other bloggers who are making a real income from their blogs and you want to learn how to do it too

✅ You want to be able to work from home, either as a secondary income or to be a fulltime blogger

✅ You have a passion for one or a few topics and you want to share that passion with the world

✅ You are sick of wasting time searching forums, blogs and Youtube for hours

You are overwhelmed with information and you need an easy to follow blogging roadmap with the exact steps on what to do, how and when. With no technical jargon or unnecessary info.

✅ You are stuck in the same place/situation and need some help to make a change to start seeing some results and growth

✅ You are ready to put in the work and take responsibility for your success!

best blog monetization course

best blog monetization course


By The End Of this Course You Will…

🌟 Have a correctly set up and live blog that is monetized

🌟 Be able to create passive income products that people want to buy, and how to market them to the right audiences

🌟 Know how to implement affiliate marketing strategies, and how to be approved as an affiliate with relevant brands
🌟 Be able to use SEO and social media effectively

🌟Be able to create your own graphics, images and logo – no design degree needed

🌟Have a business plan and a concrete vision of where your blog is headed

🌟Have the skills and savvy to turn your first profit … & much more!

"This Course Is A Real Steal"

"If you want the full deal on learning how to build a blog from scratch, growing the blog, learning the tips and tricks needed to making money from your blog, and using social media to market your blog, this is it! Considering how comprehensive this course is and the incredibly useful and actionable advice that Chelsea provides, this course is a real steal!"


best blog monetization course






This course is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

For life! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Not only that, but your one-time enrollment fee also gives you lifetime access to any course upgrades that become available. Such as new lessons – score!

All you will need a device with Internet access (Phone, Computer, or Tablet)

If you already have a blog: This blog monetization course will give you the skills you need to amplify the blog and make sure that it is set up correctly to make money. If you don’t have a blog yet: I will walk you through step by step how to set up a blog the right way for monetization so you can be sure your blog is capable of earning money.

It is recommended that you also enroll in these 2 FREE courses at the same time as this one: SEO course + How To Start A Blog course.

Everyone is welcome, all levels of experience even if you have never blogged before. Complete newbie bloggers and experienced bloggers alike will benefit from taking this course.


Ready To Monetize Your Blog?

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