The Blog Flipping Course

Thinking of selling your blog? Don’t attempt it until you’ve taken this complete blog development and flipping course!

how to sell your blog course

Discover how to develop your blog into a valuable, profitable asset, worthy of selling for top dollar at auction in this comprehensive power-mentorship with Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute.com + BlogsForSale.co


What We Cover In The Blog Flipping Course

🔨How To Launch Your Blog As A Business Worthy Of A High Ticket Price
🔨How To Professionally Brand Your Blog (On A Budget!)
🔨How To Market Your Blog & Generate Traffic On Auto-Pilot

📌In-Depth Pinterest Marketing
📌Step-By-Step Over-The-Shoulder Demos Of How To Get Free Traffic From Pinterest 

🔍SEO Training
🔍How To Interpret Your Google Analytics So You Can Confidently Discuss It With Potential Buyers
🔍All The Tools, Tricks & Strategies I Know That WORK And Equal MONEY In Your Pocket

💰Profit & Loss Tracking Like A Pro (No Math Skills Required)
💰 How To Monetize Your Blog In Multiple Ways At Once
💰  Affiliate Marketing Training
🧘Personal Development, Mindset, Confidence, And YOU As Your Best Self As An Entrepreneur
💻How To Prep Your Blog For Sale
⚖️Contracts, Records, Legal Things
🏷️How To Create The Ultimate  Listing That Can Not Be Ignored
🏷️How To Generate Leads & Eyeballs On Your Listing For Free
🏷️The Entire Selling Process, Pricing Hacks, Managing Bidders, Avoiding Scammers
🏷️After The Sale, Escrow, Closing, Getting Paid
🏷️Transferring Your Website…And A Whole Lot More!

chelsea clarke broker blog flipping course

Hi I’m Chelsea Clarke.

I’m a content creator, blog flipper and digital broker. I’ve been developing, selling and brokering websites for several years. In the past year I have sold over $300,000 in websites!

I’m the founder of HerPaperRoute.com and BlogsForSale.co. At BlogsForSale, I help others buy and sell profitable niche websites and online businesses. 

I created the Blog Flipping Masterclass to help sellers like you learn how to generate more traffic and revenue to your website, so you can sell it for a big profit!  =)


What Our Students Are Saying

“I have bills and a brand new baby to take care of. My money is precious, and I know yours is too. If you’re going to invest in (your blog) I cannot recommend Chelsea ENOUGH!”
– Victoria @ImperfectlyMama





Who is this blog flipping course for? This class is designed to suit the needs of 3 levels of bloggers. If you fit into any of these categories, you will be a good fit for this program:

New Bloggers / Beginners: You might not yet have a blog, or you may have a blog, but aren’t sure if it is set up correctly to appeal to buyers later on if you decide to sell it. You need help to launch a money-making blog from the ground up, correctly, so that your blog is professional and monetized from the beginning. 

Intermediate Bloggers: You have a blog, it gets some traffic, but you want to grow that traffic, and monetize it, and discover the formula to develop it into a high-ticket business, that will appeal to buyers if you decide to sell it. 

Pro Bloggers: You may already be making some money with your blog, but you are ready to take it to the next level to seriously up the revenue potential and up the value of your blog as a business so it can sell for top dollar at auction. 

No matter which category you fall into, you will find an incredible amount of value in this mentorship, with information and resources that you can not find anywhere else.

For life! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Not only that, but your one-time enrollment fee also gives you lifetime access to any course upgrades that become available. Such as new lessons – score!

You can start the class as soon as you sign up. You can go at your own pace, and can access and complete lessons whenever it suits you. 

All you will need a device with Internet access (Phone, Computer, or Tablet)

When you invest in your business, and pay money for it, you are much more likely to take it seriously, to step up and put in the work to see results. 

When you invest in something that will help get you to the next step, you are telling yourself that you mean business, and you are ready to get serious, unstuck, and grow.  
I am here to match that energy and give you everything I’ve got, tell you everything I know, and show you everything I’ve done that has worked for me.

Whether you are starting from the beginner stage or pro, we cover so much crucial information that will help not only your blog as a business but YOU as an entrepreneur. 

We cover the technical and creative side of your blog as a business, but also your mindset, confidence, mental money blocks and more that will aid your personal development in many areas.  By the end of this program, you will be a blog entrepreneur, armed with the know-how and confidence to market your product (your blog) for the big bucks when it comes time to sell.

You will be able to enter the auction space as a confident, knowledgeable seller with a professional blog you will be proud to represent.  You will have the knowledge to confidently discuss the business with potential buyers, and impress them with your savvy and professionalism. 

This will in turn, give your buyers confidence in YOU, and make them all the more excited to bid on your listing.

It would be impossible to guarantee an exact dollar amount or know when your sale will happen, as that is impossible for me to know. 

What I can guarantee is that after taking this course, you will be armed and educated with a tremendous amount of information and new skills, that you can implement into your business.

Know that there is no ‘get rich quick scheme’ out there, everything you do in order to succeed in anything takes dedication, patience, and care. 

I’m sharing with you my decade of experience and strategies, and it is on you to take this information and implement it as you create your own success story.


Ok, Let’s do this!

Let’s develop your blog into a dream-asset for your ideal buyer!
Hit that enroll button and let’s get crackin’ on your blog!

Your Price Today = $297


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Hi I’m Chelsea Clarke. Welcome to the HerPaperRoute Academy + community. I’m a creative business strategist, content creator, and business broker. I am the founder of HerPaperRoute.com, BlogsForSale.co, and host of the HerPaperRoute Podcast. I help entrepreneurs like you become skilled and confident to take radical action. As your own boss, you can make more paper – you just need a plan. Let’s figure that out.